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Skull Magic - New and Ancient Witchcraft

skull pentagramSkull Magic is based on ancient witchcraft practices, magic, spells and rituals that incorporated images and reproductions of the human skull in the procedures. Skull magic has seen a recent resurgence largely because of the increased interest in human skulls for adorning apparel and other items. This renewed interest in the skull has prompted research and initiated efforts to resurrect old magic and merge it with the new to create exciting and fresh magic spells that are easy to cast and get great results. In an effort to contribute meaningful spells and incantations to this effort, we have combed our archives and uncovered some of the best skull magic spells and rituals that have ever existed. We hope you enjoy them and find them useful. As always, we are legally bound to remind you that all information provided at Spells-Magic.com is for entertainment purposes only and that we assume no liability for its use. Enjoy!

Skull Magic Spells are a unique form of magic spells that focus on the incorporation of a likeness of the human skull into the magic spell. We do not condone or approve of in any way the use of real human skulls for any purpose other than scientific or medical research or practice. Furthermore, we do not approve of or participate in the sale or trade of real human skulls nor do we condone such activities. All of the Skull Magic Spells we provide here are based on using likenesses, images, representations, or reproductions of human skulls. Amazon.com has some great products that suit our needs and we offer a link to some of those products for your convenience.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: