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Skull Magic - Moon Ritual Magic for Peace

skull pentagramWait until the Moon is moving towards full and very bright in the sky. You are somewhere in the dark as possible so that the light dissolves slowly and breathe the light from his nose and saw the moon and under the light for you. Hold the breath to tell Moon a series of one and two and three. Remember that ands stop to throw - that is relaxing, not a race.

Close your eyes and breathe in the darkness of fear, frustration or misery you.

Repeat this process with open eyes, inhalation and exhaling with your eyes closed until you feel full of silver light.

Now breathe a little soft, that the light in one breath to draw, this time with open eyes, your vision of someone who knows who is also a feeling anxious or stressed.

Inhale and exhale more moonlight still, even with open eyes, with constant direct healing light.

Let us light up the moon in a silver or crystal bowl with water. Before going to bed, head of water to swim, so you can absorb the energy on the moon through the pores.

When you feel stressed visualize the moon, close your eyes and gently inhale the peace will come to you because they gave it out to others.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: