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Skull Ritual of Light and Cosmic Energy

skull pentagramThe following ritual can be done anywhere at all, as the direction is not important. It is very strong when standing under a tree that may have been for hundreds of years. If sunlight is filtering through the leaves, this is ideal. You can work alone with a group of friends or a formal course. You can decide in advance the focus on power, such as healing a particular place or person you know. Alternatively, you can have the energy to find their goals as a cascade, but the universe, the increase in positivity of the universe.

Stand with your feet, unless the hands stretched above his head like branches of the tree. On foot, you can create rich, wonderful light flowing from the earth and leave it up to become lighter and wonderful and rises to your fingertips. Feel the light from top to bottom and flows with the merger.

If you work alone, and then made a skull in each hand to move around the tree with his hands rise and fall in a spiral path to energy shocks, creating the oldest of the Holy Spirit Mother skull geometry and traditional songs and dances. When you're with friends, his hands around the tree and pass the light and energy between your hands to hand toward the sun until you feel the circle of light energy radiation, you can see even the transfer from hand to hand.

Start reciting the cycle of the tree towards the sun, faster and faster:

Tree power, strength of the Earth, Sun and shower light
Enclose my line, too, Skull Spirit brilliant shine.

If you want to use the skull as a focal point for your brain skull Magic, you can substitute the word "Skull Ghost" or say "beautiful shine bright." You can also add your own song, if you prefer, you can by the line, change or use a simple mantra, such as:

Touch me,
I enclose,
surround me.

If you feel the power, and reached its apogee, scarves flew in the air and embraced the tree and press your feet on hard ground energy and treat your account was taken from the trunk. If you work alone, you can feel that somehow you are not alone, but align themselves with the tree spirits and divas, the higher forces of nature, with you as you spiral dance. You can even see the bright contours.

If you work in a team, if you feel the power peak, to work hands and a final appeal

Increase directly overhead and therefore the energy to spiral into the world.

Then fall, so your hands and your feet leave the ground and bring brilliant shine and excess power to the ground.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: