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Skull Magic - Skull Spirit Meditation

skull pentagramBefore you can create your own personal or group of lots Skull Spirit, begin by first seeking a safe and quiet place for meditation where you can not disturb sleep, and take no fall damage when obviously a stochastic drift into sleep mode. Choose a time when you're not too tired, before you can feature a bathroom, added a few drops of sandalwood and bergamot oil to increase psychic awareness. For meditation, focusing, for example, a making use of a bubbling fountain or water fall, with herbs and flowers such as lavender or rose, or a scented candle, jasmine, apple blossom, lilac or hyacinth, is an excellent way to create the proper mood.

One can easily make a water feature, creating a small electric pump in a deep container in which you crystals, green spaces, perhaps a small statue and some plants. You can either be done individually or as a group, sit in a circle around the center, so you do not the neck or head to see. Experiment until you get it right the height of the table and distance. For the project team, you can light a circle of candles.

If you work at home, and there is no natural harmonic sound, like water, you might want to quiet calls to play a CD with the rainforest or ocean sounds, birds chirping, or dolphins.

Light incense sticks of incense and myrrh.

Whether that cross-legged on the floor with a carpet or blanket with your hands, your feet, support the knee in lotus position if you are qualified in yoga, or a chair, both feet flat on the floor. If you want to support your back with a pillow and arm on the chair of the elbow, feel free to be comfortable. Relax arms and hands with palms facing up. It is important to feel comfortable and should not be approved by concerns about maintaining a "favorite" position furious.

Visualize yourself surrounded by a circle of warm, protective light, or if you use a candle, look into the flame.

Take a slow deep breath from his nose and inhaled the light. Hold a series of "One, two and three" dark and slowly exhale through the mouth.

Let's extend the circle of light and file, to be bathed in light. You can easily find at this point, close your eyes and see the light with your inner vision.

Within the light, so that the skull Spirit can build the physical form, this is a key component on which to base meditations. It may be a familiar figure or a composite of many different images of female beauty strength, wisdom and grace. It may be old, young, wise or challenge, depending on the properties that will make you want to meet you yet, perhaps unformulated needs. In various meditations you can see a skull and sisters to adapt to stress the costs depending on the particular strengths and qualities that cause it, too.

Let words flow through the Skull Spirit and its relationship to the world of nature and the universe.

Do not try to own or remember, but will allow them to form the ebb and breaking up again, like waves or waves in a pond. You may experience color, light and odors related to the stimulus: sounds of wild animals or the wind through the trees, a feeling of heat or cold. When you return to the sounds of the beginning of the universe and the lights fade away gradually formed from the skull Spirit, let the image fade conscious. Connect with your breath and allow soft pink or purple light shining on you, so you calmly and in a deep pool of inner silence. If you closed your eyes, open it slowly, blinking slowly and spreads like a cat after its engine stopped sleeping.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: