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Skull Magic - Sun Energy Ritual Magic

skull pentagramAs can be dangerous to look directly into the sun, you start around the sun during the day in a large glass of water or in a brass plate. There is still breathing the sun and crystal clear water through the eyes of the skull or with eyes open. Hold the breath is so, counting one and two and three, then close your eyes and breathe in the darkness of doubt, anger, or your lack of confidence. In practice, this step only should be performed in the presence of the skull.

Continue until you filled with light and energy, and then blow a Sun breath, it is focusing on someone who is exhausted, scared or sick.

Breathe in breathe out the sun and again, to have one or more persons in need.

Wash your face in water, Sun, and then the other end into the ground on a power plant.

If you feel tired, the withdrawal of the sun and breathe in the light of the vision in my head.

Repeat these two recording of power once a month. If you have a very stressful and difficult time, measures the moon, sword in hand strength. Hold a quartz or crystal skull in the sun shine on the other side open to improve the flow of how you play the natural sources. In this way you can see the balance of power in both areas of the brain for the integrated river spirit and soul.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: