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Spell To Protect A Loved One

This is a very powerful "Spell To Protect A Loved One." Spells to protect loved ones are much sought after spells. They have become increasingly in demand in recent years due in part to the ever-growing threats being presented to us by our societies. While it is important to understand that no magic spell alone can protect anyone from harm, spells do seem to heighten and increase one's awareness of danger and cause us to be more vigilant in providing protection.

This spell is the most powerful protection spell available anywhere. It is provided free of charge in accordance with our disclaimer. Use this spell at your own risk.

Items needed:

Three beeswax or tallow candles
One small piece of brown paper
A pen or pencil of any color

Place the three candles on a flat surface so as to form a triangle. Light all three of the candles and then speak the following words aloud:

Flame of day, fire of night,
These three flames I do ignite,
Burn thee hot and with thy heat,
All three flames ye each shall meet.

On the piece of brown paper, write the name of whatever or whomever it is you wish to protect. Place the piece of paper on the table, face up, in the middle of the three candles and speak the following words aloud:

Flames of day, fires of night,
Burning brightly in thy might,
Burn thee hot and in thy heat,
Thine protection, I entreat.

Then, extinguish the candles. After the candles have been extinguished, fold the piece of paper into a small packet and place it near whatever or whomever it is you wish to protect.

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