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Love Spells: A Strong Love Spell

Strong Love Spell - A Strong White Magic Love Spell

You will need the following items to cast this love spell:

This spell is based on a modified version of an old Sicilian love spell.
On a Friday evening at midnight, on or close to the new moon (the first Friday after the new moon),
pluck three hairs from your head. Entwine them with three strands of corn silk. Chant the following:
"Weaver of silk weaver of time weaver of fate weaver of rhyme.
Entwine fate with ________.
May (he or she) wrap close to me in heart, in mind, in body, in soul. May
(he or she) have no rest until joined with me we are whole.
As I will so shall it be."
Roll the hair and corn silk round and round in the palms of your hands until your hands are well heated.
Stretch a dried corn husk out flat and with a red marker draw a heart.
Write the name of your intended inside the heart.
Now place the hair and corn silk inside the husk and roll it up tight.
Tie the husk with a red string you have anointed with your own saliva.
Simply take the string and run it softly between your moist lips.
Touch the rolled parchment to your heart and then place it in a safe vessel and set it on fire.
As it burns, visualize your intended's heart burning for you.
Let the scroll burn completely, then gather the ashes and place them in a bottle or jar of olive oil.
Hide the jar beneath your bed until the full moon.
On the full moon you must dip your left thumb into the oil and wipe the rim of a glass containing red wine
or red fruit juice. Serve to your intended.
This spell is very effective and known to work immediately.
Use it with caution.

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