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Love Spells for Teenagers of All Ages

Teenage Love Spells that really work are witch love spells based on white magic and used to help teens find the love they desire. Love spells for teenagers are every bit as effective as other love spells and in some cases even more powerful than love spells not specifically designated for teens. This is because teenagers are typically more emotional and given to rapid changes in their desires. To accommodate this, teenage love spells are often enhanced and fortified to work faster and act stronger than normal love spells.

Teen Spells for Love

Teenage Love Spells can be used by adults but great caution is encouraged if they are. Love Spells for Teenagers when used in adult relationships and circumstances can be overwhelmingly powerful and effective to the point where the reverse of what was originally desired results. Love spells for teens really do work best when used for teenage circumstances and teen relationships. They contain the magic needed in just the right mixture of power and strength to work efficiently and effectively in achieving a teen's goals.

Using Teenage Love Spells Properly

As with all magic spells we provide, we encourage caution and care when casting spells. All spells are provided as CURIOS ONLY for the entertainment of the user. We assume no responsibility or liability for results or the actions of others. All spells are provided "as is" to be used at one's own risk. We make no claims or warranty as to the accuracy, safety, or effectiveness of any magic spell. That being said, we wish you all the best in your pursuits and hope the teenage love spells we have provided here will be of some assistance.

Teenage Love Spells:

Teen Love Spells Powerful Love and Passion

You will need: fire, rose hips, and a heart in red paper to write his name and the name of the person you love in the heart of red paper. Build a fire, and when the flames are at their maximum traction rose hip. Concentrate and picture the person on fire, and then say, the call of God and the Goddess, he breathes fire and love of new roses offered by the divine call to take (name of person)'s heart and make my own! Hold the paper heart to your heart, then thrown into the fire. Watch it burn to ashes, then close the spell of puppy love, God and Goddess, I can help you find your next round of the softer emotions and help link the true love that I mind, I sealed my fate of young love with a kiss of passion! Clap your hands and say that fate is sealed adolescent loves as I want, for whatever reason.

Teen Love Spells for Your Love

Follow the love you want and when you enter a piece of land and make their mark on the ball of earth and place in a saucepan. A sunflower plant in the pot and as the flower grows in his love for you!

Bring Someone about Adolescent Love Charm

There are several ways to do this sort of teenage love. You can drip water (preferably Full Moon) picture of you and you're beloved. You can set a candle in a bowl of water and let burn until the water extinguishes it. You can also use to come to me oil and / or incense for the plight of teenage love. But you see your loved ones who come from afar to find your love! The flow of holy water on me to get closer to him endless rivers run to the sea on its way to me is clear. A love that is true, once you're here and know the end of your journey. And in his heart and soul and spirit will our lives should blend.

Attract the Love of Your Life

You will need: size of the sampler of your favorite scent of a pink candle first exception, a candle in your heart with a small nail or toothpick. Light the candle in a window where he can receive the light of the moon (full moon light is best). Place the scent container in front of the candle and say: Venus, give me the love I lack, through the smell, my mate attract! Let the candle burn naturally, and then carry the scent with you, spraying on a little more whenever you're away or you can meet people. Increase the power of magic by repeating the invocation you on track!

Kissing Charm of Young Love

Take a lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of white paper, then take a red candle and light and burn the paper in an ashtray while chanting: "Kiss me when we meet Kiss Me (people cite the full name greet me with your lips and say that I missed. But above all, kiss me like a lover should do magic kisses and love Me, Kiss Me softly and still our love will last forever as you kiss me now... "No. Be sure to see the person you want to kiss you, and conjure love.

Love Potion

You need a few large apples, cinnamon, yarrow, spring water, salt and an enamel or cast iron skillet. They are often associated with love and passion. If your orientation, it is often helpful to bless or consecrate these components. Concentrate on your goal while preparing this potion: Slice the apples place them in the pan, cover with cinnamon and cover with yarrow. Put in enough water to submerge the contents and add a pinch of salt. Stir over low heat in a clockwise direction, a charming incantations love of your own creation. Bring to a simmer for about 90 minutes, strain and put in a dark bottle. Put a few drops in your favorite cream or cologne and use all 4 days. The remains magic after the scent fades.

Teenage Love Spell

Light a candle (which tend to use a blessed white tea candle) and place them on the windowsill at night. That you call your love.

Magic Romance Magnet Oil

2 drops of Ylang-Ylang oil 2 drops sandalwood oil, 2 drops of sage oil for attracting love, romance RUB oil magnet on a pink candle and then burn for three hours a day, every day until the person makes a advance. When used for the ratio, the ritual may be ended when harmony is established or resumed. If you're not anyone special in mind, burn the candle until a potential lover appears. The candle is out, not far, for a spirit resides in the fire and blows off your prayer or wish away.

Magic Love Oil

On Friday evening when the moon is increasingly collect a few iris roots, an earthen bowl and a quantity of pure olive oil. If you are a woman also have a bottle of jasmine oil, patchouli to make. Put a pink cloth on the altar. Light pink candles. Pour the root of lilies in the clay bowl, and then add about half a glass of olive oil. Stir with the forefinger of the strong hand seven times clockwise. Now add the essential oil, not less than three drops, no more than seven years. Place the bowl on the altar. Watch it, infusing the oil with your desire to love. Enchant Saying love, love, love, love, love, love, love. Simple and accurate, right? You may want to substitute a favorite love poem or sonnet. Pour oil into a jar and cork tightly. Leave in a dark place surrounded by the water rose from the altar, for 7 days. After leaving Friday night next to the bottle, the tension, then store in the same bottle until needed. Love oil should only be used by its creator.

Fire Spells Love Teen

Ingredients: honey, beeswax, honey and beeswax are doubly fascinating because both are made of bees. Take a red or pink candle and anoint with honey to appoint someone for you. Carve their names on the candle and surround the names with a heart. Record the new moon to attract a new lover or a full moon to build a relationship that is already underway. Light a white candle anointed with honey if you want to heal a relationship. It is best done on a honeymoon to sweeten the injury and the wax is burned to purify the negativity around and seal in the white light of protection and the vibration of love.

The Teenage Love Spells to Attract True Love

You'll need the incense rose jasmine rosemary candle lit incense, jasmine. While doing this imagines the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life. Note: this should not be a particular person, but the things you want in a person. To say the qualities you want in true love out loud as you light your pink candle. So I say that you sprinkle rosemary over the flame: These are the things you want in a man / woman who is loving, faithful and true to ask the spirits of all the facts before you send my one true love say as many times as needed and then extinguish the candle.

The Teenage Love Spell to Win the Love

The boiler should be on your altar between two pink candles. In same skillet, place a magenta candle. Light incense or put in a saucepan over low heat, as perfumes love pink, lavender or jasmine. Tap the cauldron three times with your wand or a dagger. Say "person for the position / her, one to find him, one for him, one to bind him, heart to heart, forever one. I mean, held this sort of adolescent love. "Tap the cauldron three more times. Light the magenta candle to accelerate the charm of teenage love in his way. Better to do during the waxing moon.

The Teenage Love Spell to Keep the Love Unconditional

Each full moon, light a white candle (blessing) and pink (happiness) and black, in the discretion of destinations. See the moon before the light, then said, "Luck has blessed my household type, type of target has blessed my heart, the type of destination have blessed my family, thank you offer with a humble heart. I thank the goddess of my life, thank you to the goddess of my love. I am grateful for the blessings of the goddess continued their journey. Blessed be. "It Burn as incense, some of great quality, they were better. To do this, every month to make his fortune pass.

Bring Back To My Teenage Lover Love Spell

This spell love in adolescence may be used to bring back a former lover or end an argument between friends. The best time to cast the spell of love in adolescence is precisely at 8:00 pm. You need the following: two white candles on a picture or drawing of your lover or friend make sure you're alone in the photo - cover or cut anyone - including himself the image of 'a smiling photo of you a packet of chamomile tea a piece of blue fabric charm of the love puppy: 1) exactly at 8:00 at night to light candles and take a few deep breaths to relax. 2) Try to imagine a peaceful scene - somewhere beautiful and wonderful. 3) Now relaxed, keep the image of the person's hand and repeat these words: "To light the flame I'll light your desire, when I speak your name, you will feel my fire, the charm of the love among adolescents cast!" Say his name slowly 3 times, then put your picture face down on top of its order that the two images are together. 5) Surround the two with the same tea bag in blue cloth. 6) Place the package in a safe place (top of the closet ....) 7) to ensure that your ex gets the message to candles at 8:00 each night and say his name three times. 8) Wait three weeks and then see if he / she want to meet for lunch or dinner.

Love Spell Love Girls

For a photograph of the victim to be. If the photo is available, get hair or fingers, nail clippings. Get everything that fits into any model of the magic they have, and combine it with a seal (a pictorial glyph) of the child of his own design. Sit in a still clean (the temple) and state of the circle to be cast, through a ritual of banishment or recite a poem and waving your arms around, so put the photo of the girl in the altar (or similar) and channel energy through your legs, torso, arms, etc.. Continue to do so you find the object up (both hands) and hold on tight, (because the love of printing). Tell him again and he still loves her and she absolutely loves you. Tell him that you love and who loves and was destined to be together on several occasions. Once completed, close the circle and declare the ritual. Take the object and the envelope in place, "link" and save it in a clean, safe, as attached to the bed or buried in his garden, etc.

Basic Spells Teen Love

Take 3 cords or strings of various pastel colors, pink, red and purple, for example. Firmly knot near one end of the braid thought that his need for love. Next tie another know and another, until they have tied seven knots. Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your love. After that, hold the rope in a safe place or give elements - burn it and throw the ashes into a creek.

Voodoo Love Spell Love Teen

Lovers of oil is not a necessity, it will work. (Olive oil or whatever you want) this adolescent love spells red candle dressed with olive fans or using a voodoo doll ready for a ritual of love. Lovers of burning incense are highly recommended. Say the following incantation three times a night for five nights in a row: I am possessed by fire of love for this man (woman) and that love comes with Aspires, which is always victory. What this man (woman) long for me. The desire of me, he (she) a desire to record for me! Let this love of the mind and enter (her). He (she) has the desire I think nothing has been requested before! I love him (her); I want him (her) that he (she) must feel the same desire for me! O spirit of the air let him (it) burns with love for me. Remember that this can be a guide and can be adapted to do what you want, you can write your name in the paper and burn the paper in the flames, or even better is to write in runes. You could use a picture of her in some way, change the words yourself. Make it yourself.

Teenage Love Spell to Cause another to fall in Love with You

Ingredients: Three of the son of corn silk three hairs from his head, olive oil, red wine or red fruit juices, a string pot red is red corn shell Marker Pen adolescent love this spell is based on a modified version of an old Sicilian love spell love teenage. On Friday night at midnight, at or near the new moon (the first Friday after the new moon), the start of three hairs of his head. Are intimately linked with three strands of corn silk. Chant the following: "Silk Weaver destination when the rhyme. Entwine fate with love. May (he or she) wrap close to me in the heart, mind, body, soul. May (he or she) does not rest until we joined me. Like me whatsoever. "Roll the hair of corn silk and round in the palm of your hands until the hands are warm. Lay a sheet of dried corn dish with a red marker draw a heart. Enter the name of his intention in his heart. Now place the hair and corn silk inside the shell and roll up tightly. Tie the ball with a red string that has been anointed with his saliva. Just take the rope and go right between your lips moist. Touch the rolled parchment in his heart, then placed in a secure container and set on fire. As it burns, visualize your intention to burn the heart to you. Either moving burn completely, then collect the ashes and place them in a bottle or a container of olive oil. Hide the jar under his bed until the full moon. In the full moon should dip your left thumb in the oil and wipe the rim of a glass of red wine or red fruit juice. Use your intention. This spell teen love is very effective and known to work immediately. Use with caution.

Teenagers Love Charm

Take 15 grams after John Height, 8 cc of fresh blood of a sacrificial chicken (or lamb), 2.7 mg of saffron and a pinch of sweat or, better still, the speed of the moon unsuspecting member of the opposite sex. While the drum sound or singing anything that comes to mind draw the following in the cornmeal on the floor in front of you. Place mixture high in John a little rum in a glass bottle and shake. Dance around and stealth Mar and gargle with the mixture of rum in his mouth, spitting and spraying more stealth. When you're finished, dip your hands in the mixture of rum and a pinch of it on earth, giving thanks to one of his ancestors, while you do. For maximum effect, pour the remaining mixture in the car of SOMA, sink, garage, or on the grass like to thank the ancestors. 3-5 days of waiting and we call on the phone or write a plan for a date. By the way, remember the adage old magic that happens around Comes Around ", but wait until you do first.

Teenage Lust Doll Love Spell

Materials: The target image, your photo, action figure for his action figure, colored cloth, and son, 3 candles, 2 rubber bands, a lighter and a shoebox. Doll. Choose a destination that is truly in lust and looking for his image. Buy a doll or figurine of their gender and sex of the target. Put your photo on the doll face and secure it with a pinch. Do the same for the doll represent? Web using the color that represents lust, love or both. Buy a piece of that color that is large enough to wrap, cover the dolls. Search string, or son of the same color for the set. Write to the material, "Lust" tie two knots in the thread. The ritual of the candle of love for you and a candle of love to the camera. Say, "Sailing is my ardent love for you." "This candle is your will with love." doll place finish near the white candle and your doll near yours. Place a third candle between the two candles are not lit. Say: "This is the growing desire of us, draws us to each other." take the two candles in both hands and light the center candle with them both. Close the light of the white candle and a candle. Say "the light of our desire for more and more to the strength of the other, I us with her until you choose to break the bonds and part ways with you." dolls meet face to face with the cloth and bind it with a wire forming a knot, besides the two. Place the dolls in a shoebox and make sure no one disturbs the box. [The desire to make a generic of attraction:] ... just wrap your own doll on the Web, but are not binding on him. Place it in the shoebox. Say once a day, while maintaining the wrapped doll; "I have increased my skills!" Continue until you feel another attraction that will be sufficient for your needs.

Charm Same Fate Love Teen

Go to a flower shop and find a red rose, the best you can find. Take it home and say these words, "what he (she) is attracted to is contained in this rose." rose to power genital rose. Now crush the rose powder and store in a small package. Snap some ring with him every day, you know you will see. When you do, put your hand in my pocket and touch the keys.

Fuel Teenage Love Spell

Try this: during menstruation, masturbate to orgasm and preserve the resulting liquid. You need to focus on the desired outcome at the time of orgasm. Take a portion of liquids and to suggest some of them in food or drink of his victim.

The Teenage Love Spells to Attract Love

For this adolescent love spell you need: Green candle goddess unused red god of a new cone candle pink rose buds red rose buds with petals of roses and herbs ground Da mien rose oil, lavender oil before starting return to mixture of red and pink roses and incense Da mien together. To start the spell of his circle of young love as you would normally. When invoked God's call on the veil of Cupid and then light red. To invoke the goddess called Venus and the light green candle. Next choose the pink candle and rose oil. As you anoint the candle with rose oil speak the following words: "Oil of rose, I do anoint this candle. Now you can do this magic candle of love and friendship for those who use it. "After all rub the oil on the candle to put on a stand and say the following words:" Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Cupid god of love, I ask you to give me some woman I Man / I'm destined to spend my life in love. "Lighting the candle and say: "the flame is lit, so it can be burned on my application." Next go to your cauldron. If you do not have a pot, you need something to burn incense in Take a pinch of incense to the previous mixture and spread over the coal or whatever you use to write and pronounce the following words: "I am Venus and Cupid this offering of incense to increase the strength of my magic." Then take the rose oil again and say what you sprinkle a drop of oil on the coal:" I add the essence of rose to this brew. Choose lavender oil and again with a drop of lavender say: "I add the lavender to this beer." Then take a moment sitting on the floor to discuss the flame of a pink candle and visualize the results you want. When you have completed that release the Goddess and God, then undo your circle. The ritual is now complete.

Friday Teenage Love Spells To Attract a Particular Person

To attract the love of a gentleman or a lady, this sort of love teenage love, a Friday evening, preferably when the moon is in Taurus. In a pink heart-shaped piece of paper, write the full name of your beloved in red ink. To make the spell more powerful adolescent love, enter your birthdates or astrological symbol under the name. Light a stick or cone of jasmine, lemon, myrrh, orange blossom, patchouli, incense, or strawberries. Place a lamp burner and say: Venus, Aphrodite, goddess of love and passion powerful, look and listen to my prayer. Give me a love so true and correct. With a pin or a sterile needle, prick the tip of his left thumb, squeeze a drop of blood, and smear on the name in the newspaper. Put a pink candle (or a man or woman-shaped candle, depending on the sex of their loving intent) on paper. Light the candle and say three times: in blood and fire the magic begins. Now, the pain of desire burning inside. Concentrate all your thoughts and psychic energy in her beloved, and say: I think the human heart, the pain for me now that we are separated, the dream of me in the moonlit night, come to me when the sun shines. Amen! Continue to focus on the object of his affection, incense and candles burned.

Teenage Love Spell to Make Love

Insert a needle through the wick of a red candle. Light the candle, concentrate deeply, and speak the following incantation. The needle on the needle flame of fire across their thinking and their desire to make you uncomfortable and tortured until your heart turns to me

Teen Charm of Love Is What He Always Thinks Of You

Get a pink candle, try to get one they sell in grocery stores with angels there are a rose that needs a teaspoon of vegetable. Oil and a photo of the person. Get the candle and make sure to note the date you start recording to record the name of the person at the top of the candle wax and pour oil on top to put the photo on the bottom (to sailing) and say this prayer every night for 7 days: O restless spirit, walking in hell and never go to heaven, listen, listen I want to get the five senses of "name of the person" and should not let rest in peace, whether sitting, standing or sleeping. Where to find as desperate as the waters rise. This should run and run until he humbly falls at my feet because nobody did ' helped. I pray before the cross and God, which runs behind me as life after the cross and death after the Amen of the light. "Paying the night within seven days to pray the prayer of each day or night and keep the image under the candle.

A Spell of Love Teenage Love

Tools: lighter pink candle Musk oil Pin Marjoram herb small pink cloth with the words "dream of me, me" on one side and "only a little push" on the other metal pink bag or little red glass or what to do: make the circle, calling quarters, the usual. Turn down the lights; leave a burning candle, if you wish. Take the pink candle anointed with musk oil while thinking of those intended. Scratch the name of the person on one side of the candle with the PIN and the word love in the other. Place the pink cloth on the plate with the "push a little" down. Light the candle and place the cloth over the plate to leave the drip hot wax on the corners of the canvas. While visualizing your desire using grease wax for the shape of a heart in the center of the canvas. Pour some wax into the center of the candle and place. With the candle burning, empower a pinch of marjoram by pinching it between two fingers and feel the energy flowing into them. Sprinkle oregano in place of touching the heart and sailing. Leave the candle burning. Crinkle pool of wax can last as long as, while thinking his desire. Take the remaining wax, marjoram and the cloth and place the bag in pink or red and small. Sleeping with the bag under his pillow, and sleep through leadership, allow yourself to dream of becoming (even if the morning not remember the dream, do not worry, it is likely that the person who dreams) Sleep like this for as long as necessary until the day comes, you know the person. Then take the bag with you. Seeing that person, wait until the time came. Close your eyes and touch the bag. I feel that is power. Open your eyes and look directly at the object. Amen!

Teenage Love Spell to Attract Love

Playing a CD or tape of romantic music that means something to you. Make sure the music does not include songs that you associate with another person. It is important to keep the people in your mind specific conduct this sort of teenage love. On a sheet of cardboard, light a candle in your favorite color to represent you. Then, light a red or pink candle to represent his new love can be. Use a red marker or pencil; draw a heart around the red candle. Each day, for at least a week, relights the candles at night, and when the glow of candles, moves a little closer to the last day, the sails are as close as possible.

Teenage Love Spell to Bless a New Relationship

Bake a loaf of bread. Wait until the moon and ask the lady to bless the bread and the relationship. Breaking a piece of bread for your partner and for you too. As they spend time together, share the bread too. Do not cut the bread with a knife or other cutting tool. Just break the pieces with your hands. Add butter or jam might be a good idea to help soften things.

Love Spells and Magical Incantations