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Using a Ouija Board

It is often useful to note the questions which you wish to put before you start. To prepare paper and the pencil or a tape recorder to record messages. You can use a caméscope if one is available. The use of an infra-red caméscope in slightly lit the part is a great manner of seeing energies of the spirit.

Only ouija of some better - others like with the ouija with another person.

To make your environments are comfortable and apparently free of negative energies. Some some like to tell to a prayer above it ouija board - or to make another ritual. To consider in this case a protective white light of energy to be surrounded, the ouija board, those which you work with, and even the room. To ask your guide of spirit - we all have guides - to protect you and bring your spirits to the channel which are on a higher frequency.

To be sure that your ouija board is clean and free of dust. The rag gently with a clean soft fabric before you start.

You should not use “phantasmagoric lighting” or the candles.

It is the best not to play the music because you will also concentrate on your thoughts as you dig drains.

Because the spirit love flowers - you could want to place some in a vase of water close to the sector in which you use.

The spirits also like water - because they belong to without knowledge collective which is the water run-off.

To decide if you want to place the ouija board on a table, on the knees of two people, or where it is most comfortable for those which will use it.

You only can ouija or with another person. If you ouija with others are sure they are not negative in their thought.

To determine which wants to use the ouija board - and which wants to observe just.

To decide which person will put the first question - and if there is to be an order to follow to put questions.

If each one wants a turn with the ouija board - it is the best to go in the direction of the needles of a watch around the ouija board with each person taking their turn.

The moment for each turn will change you with the answering spirit.

People can be contacted by more than one spirit. Sometimes the spirits discuss about which is to come through at a given time. To ask a spirit at the same time and to always obtain a name before you start.

Although spiritual energy enters by the left side of your body - the majority of the people will use theirs dominate the hand to work the panel - which is in the majority of the cases the right hand.

If you have capacities telekinetic and you smell that you can move the indicator with your spirit, then it is the best not to use the ouija board because you guide the answers.

You can also discover - while you work with the panel which you can subconscious order the movement of the indicator - the same one as using a pendulum. If you are not sure - narrow your eyes and do not let the indicator alone move.

Some spirits move of an end of the business to the other quickly - while others disappear very slow. An enthralling spirit will move the small plank more quickly.

One of the first questions which you could want to ask when you start to work with your Ouija Board is the names of your guides of spirit. They are those which are here to protect you and guide. Each one has at least a guide of spirit.

You can start by asking for a message of the spirit - or by yes putting to spirit or not the simple questions to which you know the answer.

You should know the name of the spirit which you speak with. It should be your guide of spirit. Another entity should come in when you become more comfortable with the Ouija Board.

To always start with general questions. To save the personal questions for later when you are comfortable with the ouija board.

To stick to the subjects with positive energy when you start to dig drains by the ouija.

Not to put the personal questions until you are comfortable with the spirit that you speak with.

Once an answer is given to you can require more information or of clarification of the answer. But -- You can only put one question Once! Not to continue to ask the question on several occasions of seeking the answer which you want. To put the question once and to accept the answers given.

To put the simple questions which can be checked in days to come.

The questions can be about you personally - or universal or any matter which you think that the spirit would like to converse approximately.

You can obtain forms of thought and images mental while you speak with the spirit.

Can the things they appear in the room? Yes!

Can the things they move in the room? Yes

This whole depends on the spirit.

If you are a teenager - it right being the capacities telekinetic somebody in the room can.

You can require the spirit to stop and not to make phantasmagoric things.

When a new entity comes through - to always obtain its name - with which they came to speak - and so that they want to discuss.

A word can come through with all the letters but in the false order. This is why it is the best to have somebody not to use the panel - inscription of the letters because they come through. A name can come through like ICMAHEL - MICHAEL significance. To remember that not all the spirits speak in your language. Some spirits have words of epellation of trouble or sentences to create.

You could obtain “with a spirit imprisoned” this active help of research 'to the light. If this a question of you releasing this spirit because you have an emotive bond with him - you must “place the free spirit” and forgive it with that which wish you to forgive it of time when knew it to you in the third dimension. Many spirits are imprisoned here and the will “guides” you with a Ouija Board to indicate to you to release them. To do this - to calm the spirit to the bottom - you to call guide of spirit - and to ask them to guide the spirit on the next level of their experiment. If they want that you thus help them with something they can cross the surplus - their statement which you are not enough skilful to make this - send then far. If it will not leave - to stop the ouija board for this day and to wait a few days to still test.

If the spirits require of you to make strange things - to still cease using the ouija board. Something negative being written on the means of ouija board you must put the ouija board far for this session with if you want or not. The entity should leave by your next session.

Not to ask the spirits to bring things to you which you want but would not have differently. All the spirit have their borders. You must discover the limitations of the spirit which you speak with.

Never not to ask the spirits to make the evil with others.

Never not to use the ouija board to order others - or to have the power above them.

Not to leave others use your ouija board when you do not use it.

To maintain the ouija board in a special place.

Not to obtain poisoned with the ouija board.

To use a Ouija Board is not a “medium” digging of the drains for each one. Some obtain it immediately - while others never obtain the blow of him. This seems not to have nonbearing on, whether one is psychic or not. Many clear-sighted cannot work a Ouija Board.

With the experiment that you can learn how to dig of the drains your late liked those and of the entities of other kingdoms.

A few days the ouija board can work for you. Others of the days you cannot obtain any answer.

To be patient - and always comfortable feeling with the spirit - or not ouija more.

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