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White Magic Protection

White Magic Protection, powerful spells and incantations that can shield you and your world from harm are in great demand. In today's fast-paced and uncertain world, many are searching for some sense of peace and security in an environment that often offers only threats and danger.

The spell below is the best, most powerful, white magic protection spell in the world. When used in accordance with the terms of our disclaimer, we are certain you will be 100% satisfied.

As always, our magic spells are always simple, free, and focused.

Use at your own risk.

Items needed:

One toothpick
Two six-inch-long pieces of fine twine or thread (any color)
A small amount of wheat flour (about a teaspoon) in a small bowl
A little plain water
A small piece of plain brown paper

Pour just a few drops of water into the flour and mix to form a bit of paste. Coat one piece of the twine or thread with the paste (not too thick). Wind the twine around the toothpick. As you wind, speak the following words aloud:

Wind, wind, just in time,
Good for yours, but best for mine,
A pocket here, a collar there,
Keep me covered everywhere.

Wind all of the twine around the toothpick. When you have finished winding, fold the toothpick up in the brown paper to make a small packet.

Next, begin winding the other piece of twine around the packet (do NOT paste this piece of twine). As you wind this time, speak the following words aloud:

A pocket, a picket,
But out of the thicket,
Two birds in a tree,
Will watch over me.

When you have finished winding the thread, tie it off. Keep the packet in whatever area needs protection, or carry it with you for personal protection.

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