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Wiccan Friendship Spells

Wiccan Friendship Spells serve to win and retain friends throughout the strengthening of our interpersonal attributes and skills. They are intended to assist one in making new friends, maintaining existing friendships, winning back lost friends, and repairing broken friendships.

Because true friendship spells address one's internal mechanisms for friendship establishment and building, there is only one spell that is needed to address all friend-related issues. The following spell is an old gypsy spell that originated in Romania. The gypsies used to use it, not only amongst themselves, but also to gain and maintain favor in lees than friendly communities they would encounter on their travels.

This Wiccan Friendship Spell is provided free of charge, but must be used in accordance with the terms of our Disclaimer.

Use at your own risk.

Items needed:

Two small (six inch) lengths of natural fiber twine (sisal, hemp, cotton, etc.)
About 1/4 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of sugar mixed in, in a small bowl.

Tie two ends of the twine together to make one longer length. The speak the following words aloud:

Usually found together bound,
Friendships make the world go 'round.
Keep 'em tight and make 'em right,
Welcome all with ne'er a fight.

Submerge the twine completely in the sugar water. Then remove it and tie the two loose ends together so that you have a complete circle.

Speak the following words aloud:

Into my camp, into yours,
Friends together, each adores,
A hearty meal, a quiet sit,
Friendships thus forged, ne'er'll quit.

Allow the twine to dry thoroughly in fresh air and sun. Once dry, keep it under your pillow.

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