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Wiccan Spells: Free Wiccan Magic Spells, Rituals
and Incantations

All of these Wiccan Spells are provided for your pleasure and free use. Wiccan magic spells can easily be cast in the comfort and privacy of your own home. There's no reason to pay someone to cast these Wiccan Spells for you when you can cast them yourself and get the same results.

Casting Wiccan Spells

Casting Wiccan Spells is easy. Of course, you should always take your time when casting what are often referred to as simply Wiccan spells or free Wiccan spells or even free easy Wiccan spells, just to make sure you cast them properly. Follow the directions in any Wiccan spell carefully and make sure that the steps are not transposed or accidentally dropped. Errors of this type WILL cause the spell to fail.

Incantations and Magic Spells for Wiccan Magick

Incantations and spells for Wiccan Magic can bring you much of what you desire so long as your wants, perceived needs, and especially your desires, are not out of harmony with the universe. Nature has a way of keeping an order and balance to our environment and no matter how hard we try, we can never disturb the balance Mother Nature sets.

Spells and the Natural Order of Wiccan Magick

Wiccan Spells ImageMagic Spells cast, rituals performed, and incantations spake aloud for the purpose of affixing Wiccan Spells to a situation for the purpose of change can all be done safely, quietly, and privately in the comfort of one's home. Wiccan spells have been around for literally thousands of years and called forth under many names, but they are essentially a magic spell that fits into the order of nature and seeks no evil against any person, plant, lower animal, or thing. They have neen written on stone and clay, papyrus, parchment and paper over the years and few have survived solely on that form. The verbal form of Wiccan spells, those passed down from generation to generation of true and faithful witches — practitioners of the pagan arts that sprung forth from the heathrows and countryside and spread on their merits, have done a far bit better in surviving the ravages of time and human cruelties.

We have sought out those Wiccan spells that we believe to be most genuine in nature and provided a couple here for your use and review. They carry no guarantee or warranty of any kind and are provided solely as CURIOS to be used at the user's own risk. Spelwerx and any of its associates assume no liability nor priviledge for the results, good or bad, obtained from the use of the spells on its website, books, files, or any other form, and expressly disavows liability for the magic spells provided here.

In Preparation Of Casting Wiccan Spells

Wiccan spells can sometimes even be unwilling instantaneous actions with no specific intentions at bringing about radical change. But in more developed Pagan beliefs, spells in general, and Wiccan spells specifically, they typically have the following general structure:

  1. Preparation of the Wiccan spell, wherein all needed materials are in the appropriate location(s) and the involved individual(s) (witches or practitioners) perform preliminary activities like fasting, praying, etc., or whatever is required according to the spell form.
  2. Begin the ritual or liturgical performance for the Wiccan spell by creating an appropriate and solemn environment conducive to reinforcement of the communal effects among participants and Nature in its role of defining the larger Universe.
  3. When the communion of natural forces with the caster(s) is requested to take the Wiccan spell to its fullest fruition.
  4. When all specifically Wiccan acts belonging to the Wiccan spell have been precisely and accurately performed.
  5. In closing through solemn finality of the Wiccan spell, the dissolution of the hypernatural magical atmosphere that was used to envelope the communion of Nature and the spellcaster(s) proper.

Only when all of these conditions been met and subsequently fulfilled shall the forces mustered and employed at the behest of the Wiccan spell be considered to have adequately fully communed and dispatched. This shall be considered the successful casting of a spell and results shall be anticipated.

If at any time the goal of the Wiccan spell and/or the means used to achieved it are regarded as immoral, illegal or pernicious , that spell shall be considered void and empty. This is why all witches are cautioned to act only with the purest of intentions, for be it not so, even the best magic is cancelled or negated.

The Wiccan Spells:

Wiccan Spells: Spell Number 1

Add to a red candle power in your name and then call forth the elements of the Earth. Invoke the element of fire and speak the following words aloud:

Fire, I appeal to your heat,
To help me in this magical feat,
Bring me what I ask,
As will be seen, as can be!

Sit in front of the candle flame to see her dance for a while. Speak the following words aloud three times:

Allow the flow of passion in me, and above all,
Allow me to completely fill its tides, inside and everywhere.
Enthusiasm and new Fellowship force for whatever comes my way,
And make me eagerly seize every new day.

Allow the candle to burn completely.

Wiccan Spells: Spell Number 2

Take a shoe and put it around a red candle. Place the candle in a dark room in the center of a table. Write what do you want on a piece of paper with a quill pen dipped in ink black.

Speak the following aloud:

What I write here,
Please take my dream and bring about,
What I want is what you should get,
That all my dreams come true now.

Now take the paper and folded into a square of four quarters. Expect more of the candle with a pair of tweezers and let it burn. Imagine yourself with your wish fulfilled as burns the paper.

Wiccan Spells: Spell Number 3

This spell will bring the spirits of the world to serve as a guide for you.

Sitting in a circle, each directional quarter needs to speak th following words aloud:

West edge: Obey these words of power!
East edge: Watchers of the threshold, observers in the door!
North edge: Remove the bar of the guarded gate!
South edge: Obey this command of this servant of power!

Repeat this aloud three times and summon the spirits.

Wiccan Spells: Spell Number 4

This is a spell to stop oncoming rain. When then sky begins to darken, speak aloud with feeling the following words:

The gods of power, the gods of force,
I ask you now, stop this plight,
Stop the rain, do not need more,
Be dropped it, never again.

This spell has the power to move the rain to an area away from where you are.

Wiccan Spells: Spell Number 5

Hold the object to be protected in your hands and repeat the following incantation:

Wise guardian soft and strong,
Maintains that (I, he / she) when (I, he / she) belongs,
Insurance within your charge and care,
the current problem of the tariff,
There is no harm to come to happen or worse,
Secure and safe through it all!