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Witch Craft Resources

The Spelwerx Witchcraft Resources is provided free of charge to encourage and aid research in the witchcraft-related areas of such topics as magic spells, witchcraft, Wicca, astrology, tarot, and black magic. We're already sure we've missed some important resources, so feel free to drop us an email and let us know which ones we've overlooked. We'll try to be sure and include them in the next update.

Use This Information Cautiously

All of the information on Spelwerx is provided as entertainment. All of the materials we sell or reference are considered curios. Spelwerx assumes no liability for any misuse or misapplication of any information we provide, reference, or link to. All actions taken by our visitors are their own and we deny any responsibility for such actions.

Spelwerx believes that all of the information we provide should be used for good and never for evil or with an intention of causing harm. For this reason we solemnly denounce any evil, wicked, harmful, mean, or sinister actions taken by anyone.

With all that having been said... have fun!

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