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Witchcraft, Magic, and Spells

Witchcraft is the use of certain kinds of alleged supernatural or magical powers. A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. And while storybook witches are usually supernatural creatures, historically there are many people whom have been accused of witchcraft or claimed to be witches. The practice of Witchcraft and those termed witches are real and exist in a number of belief systems and there are many modern practitioners.

Historical Witchcraft

Witchcraft has historically been associated with evil and the Devil, but contemporary witches see it as beneficent and morally positive. Women formed the majority of people identified as practitioners of witchcraft in history. Likewise, in most stories and tales the stereotype is female. The term witch is typically feminine, masculine practitioners are most commonly called sorcerers.

The label of Witchcraft has historically been applied to those acts or practices that influence another person's body or property against his or her will, or undermines the social or religious order, but modern Neopagans consider the malefic nature of witchcraft to be a Christian projection.

Witches and Spells

Probably the most obvious characteristic of a witch is their ability to cast spells or employ the spell of magick. Spells can be cast by many methods, including meditation, burning of candles, chanting or reciting incantations, performing physical rituals and making herbal preparations. Sometimes quite simple and mundane actions can constitute the physical casting of a spell, and it is a common belief amongst modern witches that the intention behind the actions is at least as important as the actions themselves. Methods are many and differ from witch to witch.

Witches and witchcraft have existed for thousands of years. Witchcraft and witches are in fact, forerunners of most of the world's belief systems that exist today. In witchcraft, witches are the practitioners of the craft. And though there still exist many who do not believe, witchcraft is real.

Witchcraft, real witchcraft is an old form of beliefs built upon the cause and effects found in nature. So, to ask is witchcraft real? Or if one should wonder, what's witchcraft? These are but to ponder the human experience through the ages of our interaction with nature in all of her mysterious ways.

Therefore, the "how to witchcraft" answer to the question is simple, witchcraft works in harmony with our environment, the world in which we live. True witchcraft that works, witchcraft power, comes not so much from within the human, but from the human connection to the exterior and the forces that flow between. Witchcraft powers are hardly mysterious in nature. Any witchcraft act is only a step taken in the world and responded to by the world.

So, does witchcraft exist? Yes, it does. And here and Spelwerx, we celebrate its existence, particularly the non-Wiccan witchcraft, the original flavor, so to speak. The one that started it all and continues in existence right up to today.

What is Witchcraft?

What is Witchcraft? is a question that is unfortunately, not asked enough. Too often, when this question should be being asked, it is instead being answered by unqualified individuals presenting unfounded information as facts. Instead, they should be listening, asking, searching for the correct information from those who truly know. And this is partly to blame for how some have taken us to where we are now — frequently cloaked in ignorance, misinformed, biased, prejudiced, and bent toward vigilante justice where no wrong has been done.

So, what are we to do? How do we even begin to correct a mistake that's been propagated extensively for thousands of years. How do we get to the truth when so many lies have been layered over it sometimes even unintentionally by often well-meaning but misguided foes. It's difficult, but we believe it can be done; not overnight, but over time.

So let us begin by offering a starting point to the question, "What is Witchcraft?" Let us begin by posing a few points about what witchcraft is not. First and foremost that witchcraft is not a formal religion or belief system as revealed by some higher power or spirit that we need follow to reach a desirable end. Witchcraft is not a set of rules, laws, sayings, rules, or even wise old proverbs that are used to establish a framework within which we need live our lives to receive a reward. Witchcraft is not governed by anyone, witchcraft merely exists. Witchcraft exists within the universal laws of nature whatever they may be and its rewards and punishments are the direct results of our actions or in-actions — not in any mysterious or spiritual way but based on the simple and often scientifically explainable rules that exist within our universe.

Rare Magic Witchcraft Spells

All magic spells found here are original love spells, white and black magic spells, witchcraft, Wiccan, and pagan spells from obscure books, texts, and private collections. Most of these white and black magick collections are no longer in print and have become classified as rare. Spelwerx is pleased to be able to bring you these collections and individual spells, conjurations, hexes, and incantations for free. The only thing we ask in return is that you act responsibly and do no harm. Seek the way of the witch and pagan: act in the interests of the universe.


Magic Spells must be used with great caution. Practice your spells and learn to work them with confidence and resolve. Spells-Magic is not responsible for the use or outcomes of spells. Use magic spells at your own risk. Use magic spells ONLY for the intent for which they were written. Any misuse of magic spells could be disastrous. The magic spells contained on this site are intended as CURIOS ONLY and are to be used for personal entertainment purposes only and for no other reason.

Free Collections of Magic Spells that Work: