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Witchcraft Information

Witchcraft is primarily an oral tradition. Passed down from one witch to another over the centuries, much of the knowledge remains in the minds of the practitioners. And yet, there has still been considerable amounts written down. The links below are a good starting point for your quest. To help you out a bit, we've also included some search engine information you may find useful.

Popular Areas of Interest in Spelwerx

Magic Spells - This is a very popular area with new and frequent visitors alike. Here you will find information regarding not only the casting of spells, but also how to design a spell, build a spell, write a spell, and prepare for the casting of a spell. Rituals, which are similar to spells but more formal and lengthy are also covered to a great extent in this area.

The Power of Magic - Magic and its tremendous power is addressed here. The power of magic is a wonderful thing, but every seasoned witch will be quick to tell a novice that great care must be taken in its practice. In this area of the website we not only introduce you to magic's power, but also its dangers, how to identify those dangers, how to avoid them, and lastly how to escape their grip should one fall prey.

Spellcasting - Spell casting is the act of implementing a magic spell. In this section of Spelwerx we examine the process involved in properly casting a spell; the preparation involved, choosing the proper setting, ensuring one's intentions are properly aligned, and how to best ensure that the spell cast will be successful.

Symbols - Symbols are an extensive and widely popular area that encompasses new and ancient symbols from various cultures and disciplines. It is intended more as a reference for the experienced practitioner than the novice, but newbies to The Craft will still come away with a deeper understanding and knowledge of the components available to the spellcaster and ritualist. Magic covers a wide array of applications and many of the symbols have unique or global uses within each or any application.

Astrology - Astrology is an ancient cosmological form of magic that includes not only foreseeing what may come but also what has been and what is. Astrology is a universal, nature-based belief and practice — highly graphical in nature — and strict in its structure, but its signs are open to broad interpretation and its meanings can be deep and obscure.

Magic Shorts - This is an area of brief bits of interesting information that may appeal to both the novice and the adept.

The Witches' Lair - The Witches' Lair is a repository of collected magical information that is primarily aimed at the experienced practitioner. Its information is mostly of a deep and mystical nature and its meaning is often lost on those less mature in their level of knowledge and skill. Browsing is recommended for those interested, but don't be disappointed if its meanings are missed.