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Witchcraft Spell Collections: Spell Books and Compilations

Archive Collection of Magic Spells and Books

Welcome to the Spelwerx archive collection of rare magic spells. In these collections each magick pagan spell has been carefully selected from spells that formed the collection of witchcraft practitioners who maintained a book of shadows. It is interesting to note that, these free spells in their respective collections almost always contain at least one love spell.

Love Spells in the form of the average magic spell are common, but the magic spells contained and reference here are primarily from the occult witchcraft private collection of a seasoned witch or sorcerer. Another common spell, the protection spell, while found in most popular spell books and almost always a beginners working in their study of spell casting, is taken to new levels in these archive collections magick pagan spells. The Wicca Spell, while relatively new on the scene and based in the practices of Wicca, a modern hybrid of Witchcraft, can be an effective if gentler spell to cast. The average Wiccan Spell, while similar to those of witch craft and the spells in witchcraft books are a friendlier lot than those normally found in the practice of witchcraft magic.

Magick Pagan Spells, Witchcraft, and Wicca

Most of the spells found in these book of shadows collections of rare magic spells require few, if any witchcraft supplies that need to be purchased. This is not surprising when one considers their time of writing. Witches of times past, in their practice of witchcraft and especially those practicing ancient witchcraft, for the most part used what was readily available to cast their spells. Even something as simple as a candle spell being performed during a Celtic witchcraft ritual would have used a commodity that at the time was relatively scarce and yet essential.

Dark Witchcraft - Black Magic

Dark Witchcraft, or as it is sometimes called, Black Magic, plays a major role in most of these collections. Years ago, even something as benign as a healing spell or a magical spell meant to bring benefit to the worker was cast as a magick spell that would today be termed, Black Magic. Another common spell, the money spell, is a pagan spell that traces it roots back to the practice of pagan witchcraft. Today's money spell is simply an offshoot of a spell to bring prosperity to the worker. Real Witchcraft, in its myriad forms has given birth to a variety of spells, incantations, invocations, and conjurations. From the voodoo spell to white witchcraft, Wiccan Magick and Witchcraft have spawned all sorts of witchcraft curses and witchcraft magick that incorporate witchcraft herbs to create witchcraft potions and other ingredients in the witchcraft rituals. Witchcraft symbols are many and the combining of paths over the centuries has led to all sorts of traditions, even witchcraft voodoo. What follows are a number of unique sources of magic spells.

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Rare and Secret Grimoires

The 21 Lost Spells of Domesius

The 21 Spells of Domesius

The 21 "lost spells" of Domesius. Powerful, "High Magic", mystery magick spells with an inclination toward the dark side. Recommended for experienced practitioners or the adventurous.

The Passion Spells of France

The Passion Spells of France

A collection of 20 passion spells from old France. Hot magic spells, translated into English. Great magick spells for lovers.

Potent Protection Spells

Potent Protection Spells

High Magic protection spells. 24 magick spells for warding-off and shielding against various dangers and intrusions. A collection from the Ancients and Moderns.

Ancient Conjurations and Invocations

Ancient Conjurations and Invocations

22 magic spells for contacting and communicating with the other side. These witchcraft spells are not recommended for the inexperienced or fearful. Use at your own risk.

Karanina's Book of Spells

Karanina's Book of Spells

A rare collection of 27 "Deep Magic" spells assembled by Karanina during her world search for the ultimate spells. Powerful magick spells recommended for experienced practitioners.

Witch Oils and Rituals Spell Book

The Original Book of Witch Oils, Spells & Rituals

A unique collection of 16 powerful black and white magic spells and witchcraft rituals based on and written in harmony with the magickal properties of witch's oils. Excellent resource for rapid familiarization with the various uses and strengths of oils and spells. Included in the 16 spells of this well-rounded assortment are two spells each for different oil formulas, covering a wide variety of interests and intents.
Spells and rituals can be cast or performed with or without oils.

Earth Based Power Spells

Earth-Based Power Spells

Earth-based Power Spells is a collection of magic spells based on an association with our natural habitat, Mother Earth. Every magic spell contained in this collection is designed to draw upon the supernatural powers contained within our home and direct or redirect their energies in such a way as to alter ourselves or our environment.

The Spells of Seven

The Spells of Seven

Today the Order of Seven operates much in the same way it did several thousand years ago. Their philosophy has expanded to some degree due to their public association but overall their basic tenets remain intact.

This is a collection of 21 of their most secretive spells. The spells in this book were assembled from both the "Ancients" and the "Moderns." They span thousands of years of magical thought, development, practice, and are, for the most part, unknown to all but a select few. They have been translated, adapted, and written in accordance with the universal rules of magic and witchcraft.

The following text is a guide with links to some of the oldest and most important magickal works, texts, and writings in existence. Most of the links will open in a new browser window to allow you to easily return to this page.